SUSTAIN is Canada’s curated, comprehensive online and printed resource for ALL things sustainable in Canadian food, beverage, hospitality and agriculture.

You are an owner, an operator, a producer, a farmer, a consumer—no matter what you do in the industry, SUSTAIN is about you and for you.


what we’re doing

At SUSTAIN we craft and curate, truthful, real stories, with trustworthy editorial to empower Canada’s food industry captains to make the right decisions to feed our communities.

We question the food we consume and challenge our bottom line notions. We take small and big steps toward improving the health and welfare of our communities and planet.


who SUSTAIN is for

SUSTAIN is for the restaurant owner and food industry that believe food should be nourishing, tasteful, with local roots.

Our articles are made up of transparent information for both consumers and restauranteurs—helping both sides of the plate to make intelligent informative decisions on our food.

who we are

We are an independent publisher and design firm that believes food matters. After working with design clients in the foodservice industry, we saw a need for a resource and celebration of sustainable food

We pride ourselves on the look and feel of how our content is produced and consumed. Captivating photography, insightful trustworthy editorial assembled in a thoughtful well-crafted presentation format will be the root of our success.

We welcome you to be part of our SUSTAIN community and reach, to empower those that have the most significant impact in this delicate ecosystem—the food industry captains. Spread the word, consume ethically, responsibly and locally wherever possible.

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