was founded by Jason Sarracini, an avid traveller and business leader. Having grown up in his family’s travel agency business which has operated for 50 years, Sarracini conceptualized his company after recognizing the need for a Canadian travel company that is entirely built by and supports Canadian tourism operators and businesses, as well as regional tourism groups. 

The first and only regenerative tourism company of its kind in Canada.

As Canada enters into a post-pandemic recovery period, now is the time for the launch of the largest uniquely collaborative collection of domestic travel experiences in the country. 

A man hikes the Carcross Desert, Yukon. Photo by Stacey Newman.

Canadians are ready to travel domestically.

Landsby trips and excursions are purposeful, immersive experiences that are built by Canadians for Canadians by patronizing all local Canadian establishments and communities.

Speaking with founder Jason Sarracini about the importance of tourism in Canada is both compelling and hopeful. Landsby is a family-owned company founded on the notions of heart-centred and regenerative tourism.

“Together we can support truly local operators. Together we can save Canadian businesses while safely emerging from the lockdowns of the past year,” says Jason Sarracini.

“When the world of travel stopped, Jason Sarracini and his team cultivated an innovative vision…The launch of Landsby is a fulfilment to keep travel dreams alive for a new tomorrow, to share the essence of what makes our homeland – CANADA, the destination of heart!  Landsby’s tour offerings tell local people’s stories through a curated collection of authentic journeys and engaged experiences delivering a lifetime of rich, beautiful memories for all guests, this is the village of Landsby,” says Holly Blefgen, a travel trade specialist for Ontario’s Highlands.

The name Landsby is derived from the Nordic word for Village, and it takes a village to support a nation. 2019 was a banner year for Canadian tourism—then Covid hit. Canadian businesses across the tourism sector have been hit particularly hard.

Offering quintessentially Canadian accommodations and experiences across the country, Landsby provides worry-free domestic travel experiences by employing current COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Landsby travel packages as diverse as our remarkable population, from experiences built by Indigenous community leaders and businesses to adrenaline-fuelled outdoor explorations, to bright light-big city jaunts. Canada is home, and there’s no place like home.

Tide out on the Bay of Fundy, Hopewell Rocks, NB. Photo by Stacey Newman.

“Part of the recovery of the tourism industry requires reinvention to capitalize on an increased focus on Canadians exploring their own country before travelling abroad…There is an emerging “new world” of entrepreneurs, reminiscent of “old world” entrepreneurs, who bring a new consciousness to help communities and economies build and grow together through tourism. I was fortunate to recently encounter a tourism reinventionist and am excited to share the story of Landsby with you—a story that embodies this sentiment,” says Joe Baker, a tourism and hospitality leader in the article “It Takes a Village to Raise an Industry” for Tourism HR Canada.

Canada is 10 provinces, three territories, three oceans, 9.98 million square kilometres and 38,000,000 people…

Canadians travelling within Canada are key to supporting the recovery of the tourism sector.

Canadians want to travel: 80% of Canadians plan to travel when restrictions are relaxed.1

While health and well-being are key considerations in planning travel, data shows that as Canadians search for travel dates further out, they show increasing interest in international travel.2

Canadians can play a critical role in bolstering the recovery of the tourism economy, creating jobs and supporting local businesses by keeping their tourism dollars in Canada.

If Canadians shift two-thirds of their planned spend on international leisure travel towards domestic tourism, it will make up for the estimated $19 billion shortfall currently facing our visitor economy, help sustain 150,000 jobs and accelerate recovery.3

Recovery is forecasted to take years, but a significant increase in domestic travel will significantly accelerate recovery, by at least one year.4

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