Our second print issue is hitting mailboxes today featuring Canmore’s chef Danny Beaulieu of änkôr; with additional stories about organic farming, human rights and justice for migrant workers, environmental responsibility in viniculture, politics and food, as well as our guest foreword from Canadian chef, teacher and advocate, Trevor Lui.

SUSTAIN Magazine is an independent publication for Canadian food and hospitality readers and lovers of all things food, in general.

SUSTAIN Magazine is the first publication of its kind focused exclusively on Sustainability in the Canadian foodservice industry. We provide ongoing digital content and resources at Sustainmag.ca; and biweekly newsletters to subscribers across Canada. We are both humbled and proud to bring each print issue of SUSTAIN Magazine to our readers.

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  • SUSTAIN is the only Canadian independent publication dedicated to bettering the food and hospitality industry.
  • SUSTAIN provides restaurant owners and operators with the insights needed to make decisions in the food industry while protecting their businesses, our communities and the planet.
  • SUSTAIN offers a distribution of over 15,000 copies across all Canadian foodservice sectors on all matters ‘Sustainability.’
  • Our articles are made up of transparent information mainly for food professionals (but also appealing to curious consumers).
  • We believe in big ‘S’ Sustainability. This means we care first and foremost about food businesses doing well and being successful. We care about contributing to a cohesive industry and a healthy planet, as well as promoting the best human resources practices, diversity and inclusion, food justice and literacy for all.


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“We’re very proud to offer our readers this next edition filled with important stories. The pages of our second print issue (in addition to our digital pages) are filled with editorial unlike any other in the industry that asks important and sometimes difficult questions and offers insights into real-world solutions. Thank you to all the remarkable subjects and contributors of the pieces we’ve published. We could not do what we are doing without your participation and your expertise.” – Stacey Newman, Managing Editor

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Pursuit Publishing Group is an independent Canadian publisher and design firm that believes food connects us all. After working with design clients in the foodservice industry, we saw a need for a resource that celebrates sustainable food and food operations. We pride ourselves on the look and feel of how our content is produced and consumed.

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