Businesses and retailers allowing digital check-in with the Q Waits Business App can expect higher profits and more satisfied customers, while eliminating up to 95 percent of their lineups.

“If customers are waiting outside a restaurant, store or business for more than 13 minutes, they’re probably gone,” said Q Waits Business President Dipanjan Biswas. “With the Q Wait Business App, we can stop that customer from leaving. Best of all, businesses can start using the app for free.

The app uses sophisticated AI algorithms to report approximate wait times to end users even before they decide to check-in, reducing customer walkaways by up to 85 percent.

This will lead to better, happier customers, who aren’t restricted waiting in line. They now have the flexibility to check-in virtually and do whatever they want in the meantime.

The app benefits any type of store or business, especially those servicing walk-in customers by improving their wait time experience. It controls and manages the flow of patrons to ensure safety by adhering to social distancing protocols.

All businesses can start using the free version of the Q Waits Business app for queue management. Just download the easy to install app at Google Play, and coming soon, at the Apple Store. Register and start using it right away.

The app is different from other virtual queuing apps. Rather than having lots of apps for lots of businesses, the consumer just needs one app.

Customers can check-in to any business with the free light weight Q Waits App, which can be downloaded at Google Play or the Apple Store. It automatically detects nearby businesses that allow check-ins and supports SMS-based check-ins.

“Businesses that use our app can also save up to 50 percent on equipment costs. There’s no need to maintain expensive hardware or ticketing systems since everything is done over the cloud on a smartphone or tablet.,” said Biswas.

The app uses AI-based time predictions, so customers already know how long they must wait. They are continuously continually updated with the latest information. They will also be notified immediately whenever their time is nearing, so they can prepare to enter the store.

When customers realize this, they’ll be more inclined to buy again from a business that respects their time, says Biswas.

The app can also increase the efficiency of the businesses. It will get to know what the customer wants beforehand and will automatically direct them to the right sales counter to optimize traffic flow inside the store.

For customers, it means they don’t have to spend a lot of time in the store searching for items and can leave quickly. It’s a big time saver for customers and also benefits the business.

The app also reduces an individual’s exposure to other people and opens up another spot as soon as possible for the next customer. Staff can use the app’s analytics and reporting features to view trends to find ways to improve productivity and efficiency.

Businesses can setup multiple accounts for different devices for everyone on their team. The accounts work together in sync to show real time updates. From a single dashboard on one screen, staff can see everyone who is waiting.

It’s easy to open or close a queue for customer check-ins. You can also open and manage multiple kiosks for faster customer flow and transfer customers from one kiosk to another or put them on hold.

Now restaurants can improve their customer’s waiting experience and banks can also avoid long lineups to kiosks. All businesses can significantly reduce perceived waiting times to improve service by controlling the flow of customers into their businesses.

“The free version has all the essential features of the paid version except with limitations. A paid subscription starts at $49 Canadian dollars a month. It’s one the least expensive que management apps on the market and U.S. customers also save on exchange rates,” says Biswas.

For further information, to request a demo, or to schedule an interview, contact Dipanjan Biswas at (289) 633-4230 or