The Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation has partnered with Conservation Visions’ Wild Harvest Initiative to determine the comprehensive benefits of sustainable recreational wildlife and fish harvests in Alaska and the entire United States.

An example of how we might create a supply chain infrastructure around sustainable hunting practices in Canada.

Conservation Visions is announcing a new partnership with Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation in support of the Wild Harvest Initiative, a scientific program designed to assess the comprehensive benefits of sustainable wild animal harvests in ways that are most meaningful to people, whether or not they hunt or fish.  The program will consider the value of hunting and fishing in terms of food, livelihoods, human health, wildlife conservation, and the environment.  Its research will extend beyond meat and fish to explore other sustainable wild harvests of natural living resources, including berries and fruits, mushrooms, wild honey, medicinal plants, and more.

“The Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation is committed to the enhancement, conservation, and scientific management of Dall Sheep populations in Alaska and wild sheep populations, in general,” says President, Kevin Kehoe. “We feel a deep responsibility to care for Alaska’s wild spaces, to ensure that future generations of Alaskans can experience the outdoor heritage that is their birthright.  The Wild Harvest Initiative will help us demonstrate that hunting and sustainable harvest are not just legitimate conservation management tools, but essential to food security.”

Shane Mahoney, President of Conservation Visions and founder of the Wild Harvest Initiative, is excited to have Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation on board.  “Each new Wild Harvest Initiative Alliance Partner strengthens both our program capacity and our resolve to tell the real story of sustainable wild harvest in North America, to demonstrate its relevance not just to hunters and anglers, but to those who do not participate, and even to those who are completely opposed to traditional consumptive activities,” he says.  “We know that wild harvest is tremendously important to many Alaskans and we are proud to support Alaska WSF’s mission.”


“We have only one natural world and only one humanity. Conservation Visions Inc. exists because we have only one chance to preserve both.”

About Conservation Visions Inc.

Conservation Visions Inc. is a wildlife initiative founded by internationally recognized biologist, conservation advocate, Shane Mahoney.  It is dedicated to a world where conservation matters; where biodiversity is safeguarded, including the diversity of human cultural experience; where conservation and citizenship are viewed as inseparable; where a global responsibility to nature is recognized; where the sustainable use of natural resources is safeguarded through knowledge; and where governments make sound decisions concerning conservation and biodiversity, based on scientific and traditional wisdom.  To learn more about Conservation Visions and the Wild Harvest Initiative, please visit

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