One-time grants to provide financial assistance to workers across Canada.

Canadian Chefs Vikram Vij, Victor Barry, and Dan Geltner announced today the creation of the Canadian Hospitality Worker Relief Fund (CHWRF) to support restaurant and hospitality workers financially impacted by COVID-19. Chef Vikram is an author, entrepreneur, and co-owner of Vij’s Restaurant, Rangoli Restaurant and My Shanti in BC; Barry is the chef-owner of PianoPiano and Cafe CanCan in Toronto; and Geltner chef-owner of Le Kitchen, Le Catering, Wonderburger, and works as a Chef consultant in Montreal.

The Fund, which will start accepting applications on Wednesday, May 6, will provide one-time $500 grants to restaurant and hospitality workers including cooks, servers, dishwashers, bartenders, delivery people and others who suddenly find themselves in distress and in urgent need of items such as groceries, medication, and/or other health products.

“$500 grants are a welcome support for hospitality workers,” said Vij. “These additional funds will be an immense help for front-of-house and back-of-house staff, especially those who work in minimum-wage, entry-level positions like international and local students.”

“The hospitality community is my extended family,” said Barry. “Since I was 11 years old, I’ve had the privilege of working side-by-side with the exceptional people who make, serve, and deliver your food. And now more than ever these hardworking people need our help, which is why I am proud to support the Canadian Hospitality Worker Relief Fund initiative.”

“The Canadian restaurant industry is suffering as many restaurant and hospitality workers find themselves without work and in need of financial assistance,” said Geltner. “I am proud to join the CHWRF in supporting workers and their families here in Quebec and the rest of the country.”

The Fund will be administered by the Design Exchange, a Canadian registered charity that also serves as an event venue in Toronto, and promoted across Canada with the help of community partners: Elevate, Staffy, La Tablée des Chefs, and Spiffy. CHWRF Founding Partners including Uber Eats, Garland and Welbilt Canada have pledged over $1 million to launch the fund.

“The restaurant industry has rallied around this health crisis to feed Canadians and help keep our country safe,” said Lola Kassim, General Manager, Uber Eats Canada. “We welcome the opportunity to be a founding partner of the Canadian Hospitality Worker Relief Fund, and the contributions it will make to impacted workers, including delivery people.”

“The foodservice industry & its workers are facing unprecedented challenges and need support for the most basic needs. It is at times like these that we believe it is our obligation to give back to the industry that has done so much for Garland, the Welbilt brands and our employees for over 60 years,” said Mary Chiarot, Vice President, General Manager, Garland – Welbilt Canada. “As an industry leader, Garland stands behind and supports the Canadian Hospitality Workers Relief Fund in its efforts towards making a positive impact on workers in our industry. We challenge all foodservice suppliers to join Garland in giving back. #TogetherWeCanOvercome.”

For more information about the Fund or how eligible workers can apply, visit