To help ketchup lovers in self-isolation, Heinz is giving away 57 Ketchup Puzzles in 17 countries around the world and 57 Canadians will have the chance to win one. As social distancing and self-isolation become the norm, a nostalgic favourite is back and trending in social feeds: the puzzle. Now, Heinz Ketchup has released a puzzle of its own, with 570 pieces, all identical Heinz red. It might just be the world’s slowest puzzle.

“Heinz is known for its iconic, slow-pouring ketchup. In a period when everyone has a little more time on their hands and puzzle popularity has skyrocketed, we wanted to help pass the time by connecting the two,” says Brian Neumann, Senior Brand Manager, Kraft Heinz Canada. “We’re always looking to deliver fun, contextually relevant ways to give our consumers a smile, and this ridiculously slow, all-red Heinz ketchup puzzle seemed like the perfect fit.”

Heinz knows that good things take time. Just like the satisfaction you get when ketchup hits your fries following the perfectly slow Heinz ketchup pour, this puzzle is worth the patience, only this time, you can’t hold it at the perfect angle to solve it. Whether you live alone, with family or roommates, this puzzle is designed to entertain those aged three and up and provide a sense of happiness during these unprecedented times.

For a chance to win, Canadians have to do is head over to @Heinz_ca on Instagram and comment on the post there sharing who they wish they could finish the puzzle with.