Immediate actions to reduce electricity use

Turn off the Lights
When you’re done for the day, turn off non-essential lights. Remind your staff to do the same.

Unplug Appliances
Even when turned off, many electrical devices still draw power. These energy vampires include microwaves, toasters, radios, power bars, and more. Unplugging them completely may sound like extra work, but the difference on your next bill may make it worthwhile.

Upgrade, Tune-up, and Clean Appliances
Clear vents, drains, and intakes of build-up to make your existing appliances more efficient, or if it’s time to upgrade or bring in an expert to keep your appliances running smoother, stop putting it off. It will save you in the long run.

Turn down the Air Conditioning
Ever passed by a restaurant on a hot July day and everyone inside is wearing a sweater? Turning down the A/C can be a huge money saver. Open the windows and turn on a fan before resorting to the electrical heavy-hitter that is your air conditioner.

Invest in Efficient Tech
Look at upgrading to energy efficient lightbulbs, power bars, and surge protectors. There are more than ever available, with plenty of reviews online to make sure you’re going with a good product.

Look at Your Wiring
Mysterious or sudden changes to your electrical bill, or a bill that just seems too high, might be a sign of deeper issues. It could be time to bring in an electrician to figure out what’s going on inside the walls.

Originally written for by Caeli Mazara. See original article.