In the midst of a geopolitical health crisis that has our world under immense pressure and our togetherness threatened, there is still courage, love, hope, and goodness. But we have to search for it, we have to create it, we have to choose it, and at times, we have to fight for it–all of which begins with learning.

“Keep on being a star in your own right. Keep on defining yourself. Don’t be defined by others.” ― George Elliott Clarke 

For the last six months, we’ve been bringing you digital content and our biweekly eNewsletters. And, now, we are both humbled and proud to present the inaugural print issue of SUSTAIN Magazine. We’re HUMBLED by the generosity you’ve shown us by sharing your stories, your expertise and your ideas for a better future in and around food, and beyond. We’re PROUD to bring you this first print issue filled with independent and original content that is compelling, in-depth, honest and powerful.

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Featured Image: Paul Taylor of FoodShare is our cover feature for Volume 1 No. 1.