Beloved downtown Toronto fast casual restaurant, General Assembly Pizza (GA), has launched the world’s first pizza subscription service. The GA pizza subscription offers free home delivery for stacks of 4, 6, 8 or 10 pizzas. The service is GA’s newest “way to pizza,” and is available in Toronto, with plans to expand throughout Ontario in 2021.

The direct-to-consumer subscription model builds on the successful launch of GA’s premium frozen pizza line this spring, developed by GA Executive Chef Curt Martin, which features six 100% naturally leavened pizzas that cook at home in just 5-7 mins. GA’s newest plant-based pizza, Garden Smash, launches today and is available exclusively through the GA pizza subscription offering.

Founder & CEO Ali Khan Lalani explains that ecommerce was a natural expansion of GA’s already-dynamic consumer offering, which now includes consumer packaged goods, dine-in operations, a dedicated take-out space, delivery partnerships, and a bespoke catering service, featuring their wood burning mobile pizza oven:

“Since opening our doors in 2017, we have pushed for the best guest-experience possible—that’s why our dough is 100% naturally leavened, that’s why we have a purpose-built 400-square-foot pick-up and delivery area, and that’s why we’re launching a direct-to-consumer subscription-based ecommerce platform today. In 2020, providing the best guest experience means General Assembly Pizza has to be more than a restaurant. I’m proud to say that after almost six months of planning, many roadblocks and countless pivots—all while maintaining our day-to-day restaurant operations amidst a pandemic—we have done it. Along the way, we’ve connected more than ever with our community, and we look forward to bringing a little of that original GA guest experience back into their day-to-day lives, at home.”

Executive Chef Curt Martin spearheaded GA’s premium frozen pizza line development, and will be overseeing the phased roll out of the subscription service to ensure product consistency is met at every step, he explains “Food quality and forward thinking is what drives our team. Whether it’s made-to-order or frozen, our pizza is entirely handmade, chef-prepped and fired in our hand-built, made-in-Italy brick ovens.” Martin will also be driving menu innovation at GA, which will include exciting new pizza offerings featuring fresh seasonal ingredients, with a focus on increasing vegetarian, plant-based and pork-free options.

General Assembly’s pizzas feature 100% naturally leavened dough yielded from an all-natural sourdough starter. At 10″ in diameter, all GA pizzas are personal pizzas, which lends itself to a tidy freezer footprint. GA’s premium frozen pizzas require no kitchen preparation and cook in just 5-7 minutes in a conventional oven (or grilled on the bbq). GA’s pizza subscription service is a convenient offering for busy professionals, pizza lovers and parents alike.

Source: General Assembly Pizza