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Charlotte Big Canoe: On Anti-Racism and Restaurants

Unconscious racism doesn’t go away when marches die down or hashtags dip in popularity, it is something that needs to be addressed individually. How can we be sure we aren’t subconsciously acting as oppressors rather than allies? How do we be truly anti-racist, rather than performative?... Read More...

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How to put sustainability on the menu

LENTEIN Plant Protein in Canada

Parabel's LENTEIN protein is derived from a water lentil, Lemnoideae, which is known as 'the world's most complete food source' and is a minimally processed ingredient that goes from farm to table in only 20 minutes.... Read More...


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How women are changing the face of Canada’s union leadership

The typical union member in Canada is actually a woman who works in the public sector. She may be a teacher, a nurse, an office clerk at city hall or a mail carrier. All of these jobs are more likely to be unionized than those in the majority-male manufacturing, warehousing or construction sectors. ... Read More...

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