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Write a Cookbook, Save Your Soul

A cookbook can be a way to put a piece of you out in the world, to share your vision and tell your story. 2020 has become a year for soul searching, a time to contemplate all the hustles available. How do you sustain your brand while the world rebuilds? ... Read More...

SIAL Canada’s 17th Edition: Wrapping up an Exceptional Year!

The 17th edition of the International Food & Beverage Tradeshow (SIAL Canada) and its section for the equipment and technology sectors (SET Canada) was 100% virtual this year, allowing the industry to come together and do business despite the restrictions in place, and, this extraordinary edition ended on a remarkably successful note!... Read More...

Urban farming: four reasons it should flourish

Urban farming has much to offer in the wake of the pandemic. It could help communities boost the resilience of their fresh fruit and vegetable supplies, improve the health of residents and help them lead more sustainable lifestyles.... Read More...

How good governance can stop toxic ‘bro behaviour’ at companies

In 2019, the board of directors of McDonald’s Corp. took the unusual but bold and moral decision to dismiss its CEO Steve Easterbrook after he revealed he’d had a consensual relationship with a co-worker. So how can a board best ensure it discharges its responsibilities to corporate culture in an ethical, responsible and credible manner? ... Read More...

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